Flipped classroom - Fleksibel utdanning Norge

In a flipped classroom approach, students prepare for the teaching session by watching videos, listening to a podcast, reading the curriculum or similar. The subject matter is often presented in an introductory module that can contain various content elements, such as video, podcasts, texts and quizzes. This can be combined with reflection or other specific preparation exercises. Everyone then meets in real time, online or in person, to apply the theory in discussions or other learning activities.

Advice and tips

  • Explain the method to the students.
  • Make it clear that they are expected to come prepared to get the most out of the teaching session.
  • Give the students access to different types of academic resources before the teaching session, e.g. videos (for example videos available online), reading material or other resources.
  • Do not fall for the temptation to spend time reviewing content for those who have not prepared. This will undermine the method.
  • Use the teaching session for discussion, exercises, questions and other interaction.
  • Give the students an opportunity to present what they have been working on.

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