5: Organisation - Fleksibel utdanning Norge

Flexible teaching can be organised in many different ways and have different structures. Many factors must be taken into account, and this chapter deals with some of them. For example, the way teaching is organised may impact the degree of flexibility for students and the opportunities they have to collaborate and interact with each other. Some questions follow below that may be relevant to consider. In the following sections, we will elaborate on the questions in the box below.

Useful to consider:

  • How much of the teaching and learning activities should or can be synchronous (in real time), and how much should be asynchronous?
  • Should all students start and finish at the same time, or should they start and progress individually?
  • How can the subject content be divided into appropriate parts, and in what order should they be dealt with? What builds on what, and can good progression be achieved?
  • What types of learning resources are needed, and in what order should they be presented?
  • Should subject matter and assignments be published gradually in a fixed order, or should everything be available when the course starts?
  • Should face-to-face sessions be organised, should everything take place online or should there be a mix of the two?
  • Which media, platforms and digital tools should be used in the distribution of learning resources?
  • Is the learning arena accessible to everyone regardless of their level of digital literacy?
  • How should the different parts – learning resources, assignments and learning activities – be organised?
  • What visual expression, design and layout should the digital learning arena have?
  • Is a class or group taking the course/programme together, or will it be taken individually?
  • Will the programme involve group activities and collaborative learning, how should this be organised, and which digital tools should be used?

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