Should face-to-face sessions be included? - Fleksibel utdanning Norge

Some programmes that are mainly based on online teaching and learning may include some face-to-face sessions. Similarly, face-to-face tuition will include some digital elements. A number of courses do not require physical attendance, and many will benefit from this flexibility. A study programme without face-to-face classes or meeting places may enable more people to participate, while the combination of online tuition and face-to-face classes can exploit the academic and pedagogical benefits of both work methods.

If a decision is made to include face-to-face tuition in the study programme, it is important that these sessions are used for activities and interaction. A digital learning arena is appropriate for lectures and other dissemination, while the sessions should be used for practical exercises, working together, communicating, reflecting and discussing with each other. Facilitating face-to-face meetings between students may be an important element in enabling them to continue working together in the digital sphere.

The guiding principle is that the specific nature of the subject and the type of target group involved determines whether face-to-face sessions are appropriate. Please note that, for some target groups, meeting in person may be a prerequisite for participation, while for others it may be an obstacle.

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