Who are the students, and what are they going to learn? - Fleksibel utdanning Norge

Chapter 1 focused on the target group. When describing different online learning activities and resources, our focus must again return to who the students are. It is therefore a good idea to vary the online learning activities and resources with a complex target group in mind. Variation can, for example, consist of offering the students subject content in different formats or exercises with varying degrees of difficulty.

Learning outcome descriptors and competence aims should be actively used in teaching to clarify what learning outcomes the student and the tutor are working together to achieve. The descriptors are important tools for both awareness and motivation and for assessing progress.

Breaking down the learning outcome descriptors into more detail can often make this clearer. The intention is that it should be clear what the students should know and be able to do on completion of the course or programme. To make this clear to the students, the tutor can inform, explain and discuss the relationship between learning outcomes and learning activities with the students.

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