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It is tempting to argue that our history started more than a hundred years ago, with the first correspondence schools NKI (in Sweden) and NKS (in Norway), at least this was the foundation for our existence. Norsk Brevskoleforbund (=Norwegian Association of Correspondence Schools), which was our first name, was founded in 1968.

In the eighties, one would start talking about distance education, as radio and TV was now used in addition to books and letters. During the nineties electronic education was a reality and the former correspondence schools were pioneers in several areas, like LMS and video casting. Today we mainly use the term online education.

Quality assurance of courses has also been driven forward by our organisation in close co-operation with the online education institutions.

In 2009 our new magazine SYNKRON was published for the first time. It is usually written in Norwegian, but there is one English issue from 2013: http://issuu.com/fleksibel_utdanning_norge/docs/synkron_2_2013_nett

In 2013 we simply changed our name to Fleksibel utdanning Norge (=Flexible education Norway), shortened to FuN.

Today online education is no longer the exclusive business of a few specialist schools, but rather the reality of higher education in general. With the escalating complexity of our society, and “lifelong learning” becoming more than a catch phrase, it is about to be the business of everybody.

FuN’s objectives are to spread knowledge about online education, to heighten its professional and pedagogical standards and to strengthen the position of online education within the Norwegian educational system. The organisation aims to develop online teaching methods and to support research and development of methods and techniques in the field of flexible education.