About the project 100% Online - Fleksibel utdanning Norge

100% Online is an ongoing Nordplus project with partners from Denmark, Finland, Iceland and Norway

Countless solutions for online education have existed for years. However suddenly online teaching and learning received a boost in experiments and development and new ones appeared during Covid-19. It is our view that there now exists a large untapped well of new experiences and learnings built on these experiments offering potentials for exchanging experience and further development throughout the Nordic countries.

In the project “100%Online”, we will delve into learnings accumulated by practitioners and analyse selected distance learning cases looking for successes and challenges encountered in courses which were held 100% online. The results will be presented in the form of success factors, weaknesses and pitfalls at a series of national symposia in each partner country, in blogs and articles and finally in a summary publication where the project findings will be summarised with a list of recommendations, success factors and pitfalls in courses which are held fully online.

In our application you can read more about how we have planned the project:

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