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About FuN

FuN is an acronym for “Fleksibel utdanning Norge” which translates to “Flexible Education Norway”.

FuN organizes 50 Norwegian providers of flexible education; including independent distance education institutions, public universities and colleges, private institutions and training centers for business and industry. Our members provide an extensive range of subjects, courses and study programs from primary to university level, and customized courses for professionals.

FuN’s members offer flexible education at different levels; it could be exclusively online, partly on campus or related to the students’ work place. It could be flexible startups and all self-paced courses, or common start date and assemblies (online or on campus) along the way.

We are working closely with different departments under the Ministry of Education and Research, especially Skills Norway, and we share the responsibility of assessing applications for governmental funding for educational development projects. We also publish an annual report on these projects and the technical and pedagogical development conducted by our members. FuN’s members comply with strict rules for quality in flexible education.

FuN aims to promote co-operation among its members in matters and initiatives of common interest. Ordinary or consultative membership is being offered, depending on the art of the institution. FuN organizes conferences, discussions, seminars, workshops and field trips for its members and partners.