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Møt Gilly Salmon – og mye mer!

En glimrende anledning til å se nærmere på hva som skjer på e-læringsfronten i The Midlands i England – en norsk-dansk studietur går av stabelen 17.-19. september. Tilbudet går i første omgang til NFFs medlemmer. Et møte med en av nettlæringens foregangskvinner, Gilly Salmon, er ett av mange høydepunkt på turen. NFF AND FLUID ON TOUR 2008
The Midlands, UK
17. – 19. september 2008

The programme consists of an exiting mixture of visits where the focus is on everything from policy to daily praxis. This year WEB 2.0 is a dominant theme. We visit companies, universities and cities – all at the forefront of development. The TOUR is a mixture of seeing, feeling, doing and not the least learning and getting new inspiration…. But this year we also promise you drama  and an e-learning celebrity, Gilly Salmon (picture).
Take a look at the programme and make a fast decision… The price is only 5.500 d.kr. inkl. VAT covering all expenses except the plane fare to Birmingham Airport.  The number of participants is limited to 25, and they will be sold on a first come first served basis.

Preliminary Programme

17. september
10.30 Departure from the airport in Birmingham
11.00 – 14.30 Visit at the Millennium Point Building in Birmingham, home of the Birmingham City University, and Think Tank, Birmingham’s Science & Engineering Museum.
At the Millennium Point Building you will be given an overview of Birmingham City University(BCU)’s take of virtual worlds, particularly in relation to eLearning. David Burden and Jeremy Hall from BCU will then talk about the learning in a Virtual Environment project that they have carried out with the BCU and for which the Millennium Point building was created
Then a representative from University of Coventry will give a demonstration of the eLearning project BCU is doing with UoC and St Georges University Hospital to bring an XML based Virtual Patient/eLearning standard into Second Life, and also to create avatar driven scenarios using chatbots and AIs (http://www.elu.sgul.ac.uk/preview/blog/)
ThenChris Price from Birmingham City Council will talk about their ideas for Virtual Birmingham and demonstrate the City Briefing Hub in Second Life that they are building

And then there will be time for Q and A – and discussions

15.30 Visit at Coventry University.

Skils2Learn presented by Majid Al-Kader. Skills2Learn is the UK’s top developer of virtual reality education applications, and they are known for devising and developing e-learning solutions in a variety of skill areas. Majid Al-Kader will present one of the most effective and cost efficient training tools available to today’s business and education sectors – the use of `serious computer games’ technology. He will talk about a new and engaging way of training employees and students to learn skills and acquire knowledge through computer-based, virtual reality environments using 2D and 3D interactive multimedia, audio, video and graphics that interactively emulate the real world.

17.00 Departure towards Leicester – networking on the bus

18.00 Arrival at The Regency Hotel in Leicester

19.00 Dinner and Murder Mystery Evening

18. September
8.30 Departure from The Regency Hotel

9.00 – 12.30 Visit at Leicester University
9:00-9:10 Introduction to BDRA (Beyond Distance Research Alliance)
9:15-9:30 Inroduction to Media Zoo by Matthew Wheeler
9:30-9:50 MPALA by Dr Ming Nie & Matthew Mobbs  IMPALA (Informal Mobile Podcasting and Learning Adaptation) project investigates broad pedagogical benefits of using podcasting to support and enhance student learning in HE. The presentation will introduce audience to various approaches of integrating podcasting into different disciplines, a 10-factor model of podcasting for designing pedagogical podcasts, plenty of examples, and how to record a podcast.
9:50-10:05am MOOSE by Dr Ming Nie & Matthew Wheeler MOOSE (MOdelling Of Secondlife Environment) project investigates how Second Life – an online 3-D Multi User Virtual Environment (3-D MUVE) can enable groups of students from formal HE environments to establish their socialisation and engagement for more productive information and knowledge exchange. It also investigates the potential of Second Life in offering students an immersive and simulated learning environment. The presentation will introduce audience to the places developed in SL, group activities designed to be used by tutors and students in SL (SL-tivities), and initial research evidence on student experience of participating in SL-tivities.
10:05-10:15am Tea/Coffee break

10:15-10:30am WoLF by  Dr Samuel Nikoi WoLF (Work-based Learners in FE) project investigates how Pocket PCs can support portfolio development by Teaching Assistants (TAs) on a foundation degree programme in Education at University of Leicester, thereby promoting reflection in practice.
10:30-10:45am ADDER by Olaojo Aiyegbayo ADDER (Assessment & Disciplines: Developing E-tivities Research) project investigates assessment practices based on e-tivities and their impact on the learner experience in four disciplines: Education, Inter-Professional Education, Media Studies and Psychology. It investigates similarities and differences in assessment practices that make use of e-tivities, and the impact of these practices on the learner experience.
10:45-11:00am Carpe Diem by Ale Armellini Carpe Diem is a workshop format in which course teams who want to develop e-learning participate, as a team, in an intensive two-day workshop that helps them to design and implement e-tivities using their VLE and other available institutional tools such as Wikis.
11:00 -11:30 A meeting with Prof Gilly Salmon

Lunch o the bus

13.00 Visit at the Centre of Excellence in Learning and Teaching in Wolwerhampton.
John Traxler, who is mobile learning expert in Wolwerhampton University will tell and show about some of the many mobile learning projects he has been involved in. Including some in Africa. John Traxler is involved in a great deal of research around using mobile phones and mini-computers to improve communication in education.

He has a book coming out in May, Mobile Learning, A Handbook for Educators and Trainers. He has also been working on a distance learning teaching training programme in Kenya, texting trainee teachers to remind them about  assessments. In some cases, the trainees have to walk to the top of a hill at a village every week to charge their mobile phones up and collect their messages.

“Communication within the education system in Kenya is complex and we are offering support and guidance to help them improve things,” he said.

16.00 Time for shopping

17.30 Departure towards Telford in Scropshire

18.30 Arrival in Clarion Hotel Madeley Court
The hotel is skillfully transformed from a 16th century manor house into a premier country hotel, the Clarion Hotel Madeley Court, Telford gives you a unique opportunity to appreciate the splendour and architectural history of medieval residence.
 19. September
 8.30 Departure from the hotel
 9.00 Telford in Scropshire
A meeting with David Whyley, ICT Consultant and head teacher, handheld learning guru and key figure in Wolverhampton’s Learning2Go initiative, the largest handheld computer pilot currently in Europe. David Whyley is a former Primary Headteacher, who has now assumed the role of ICT Consultant for the City of Wolverhampton. David has associate status with BECTA, and has contributed to the Primary National Strategy Leadership team Toolkit and a number of the NCSL on line self evaluation matrix tools. He is a NAACE Mark assessor and an accredited SLICT facilitator. David has expertise in developing new ways of teaching and learning exploiting both broadband and portable learning technologies. As a lead member of the Wolverhampton “Learning2Go!” mobile learning project
11.00 Departure towards Leicester

12.00 Lunch

13.00 Visit at NIACE
Presentation by Jan Eldred who is responsible for European development and relations of the NIACE. NIACE (National Institute of Adult Continuing Education) exists to encourage more and different adults to engage in learning of all kinds. They campaign for – and celebrate the achievements of – adult learners, young and old, and in all their diversity. NIACE is the largest organisation working to promote the interests of learners and potential learners in England and Wales. NIACE (The National Institute of Adult Continuing Education – England and Wales) is a non-governmental organisation working for more and different adult learners.

15.00 Departure towards the airport