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International Projects

FuN is continuously involved in different international projects:

MENNET – Mentoring Network for Facilitating Access to Upskilling Pathways
Erasmus + Strategic Partnership
Coordinator: Baltic Education Technology Institute (BETI) from Lithuania
Partners from Lithuania, Spain, Romania and Norway
FuN Contact: Torunn Gjelsvik
Project timeline: 2018-2020

Information website: www.beti.lt

Later Stage Dementia Care – Blended Learning for Families
Coordinator: The Alzheimer Society of Ireland.
Partners Ic Dien from Belgium and Flexible Education Norway.
FuN contact: Kari Olstad
Project time line: 2018-2020

Preview of handbook: IO2 Handbook 21.3.2021

The actual course: https://dementia-care-downloads.moodlecloud.com/

Presence at a Distance
Coordinators: Monnet Group, Denmark
FuN contact: Torunn Gjelsvik
Project time line: 2017-2019

This project is a follow up on sustainability in previous distance education and training projects.
Project website: www.paadproject.wordpress.com

Handheld e-learning
Coordinators: Folkeopplysningen-Aarhus, Denmark
FuN contact: Torhild Slåtto
Project time line: 2016-2018

Project web site: Handheldelearning.wordpress.com

Game Hub Scandinavia
Interreg Öresund-Kattegat-Skagerrak
Coordinators: Videndjurs, Denmark and FuN, Norway
FuN contact: Ebba Køber
Project time line: 2015–2018

Game Hub Scandinavia is a development project funded by EU regional development fund Interreg Öresund-Kattegat-Skagerrak. The project aims to create jobs in the Scandinavian game industry by focusing on incubation and gamification.
Project website: www.gamehubscaninavia.dk

Home based Care – Home based Education
Coordinator: The Alzheimer Society of Ireland. Partners from Belgium and Norway.
FuN contact: Kari Olstad
Project time line: 2015–2017

The purpose of the project is to offer a high quality and sustainable online version of an existing face to face course for Irish family members who care for loved ones with dementia. To help with the quality assurance, a quality guide will be produced, a train-the-trainer course will be developed and a small research project will be carried out. All outputs will be open and generally available after the dissemination of the project.
project web sites: hbchbe.blogspot.com
Documents: The HBCHBE Quality Framework; Quality Framework with our answers v 2 and The actual Moodle course All is licenced as open resources under creative commons 4.0

Webinar – for interactive and collaborative learning
Nordplus Adult
Coordinator: FuN (Norway). Partners from Iceland, Denmark, Sweden and Norway.
FuN contact: Torhild Slåtto
Project time line: 2014–2016

The aim of the Webinar-ICL project is to investigate ways of developing dynamic, interactive synchronous online events and using them to build online communities. This is done by offering technical and methodological support to a number of partner organisations from different sectors in the Nordic region (eg adult education organisations and centers, local authorities, companies with distributed staff) to help them offer collaborative webinars that will benefit their operations and target audience.
This is the project blog

Boldic open learning resources online (OLRO)
Nordplus Adult
Coordinator: Svenska Riksorganisationen för Distansutbildning  SVERD (Sweden). Partners from Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Sweden, Denmark and Norway.
FuN contact: Petter Kjendlie
Project time line: 2013–2015

The general purpose of “Boldic – open learning resources online” project is to deepen and bring further the cooperation between Nordic and Baltic organizations dealing with distance education, flexible learning and e-learning by opening the community for new partners from both the Baltic and the Nordic countries.
Project summary: 1) Continue, deepen and develop the process from the project Boldic Perspectives Online. 2) Develop and maintain the Boldic Award nomination and award process. 3) Establish Annual conferences concerning dissemination and best practice in open learning resources online area. 4) Establish Webinars before and after the annual conferences , with focus on open learning resources online. 5) Maintain and develop the website http://www.boldic.org

Nordplus Adult
Coordinator: FO-Aarhus (Denmark). Partners from Greenland, Iceland, Denmark and Norway.
FuN contact: Torhild Slåtto
Project time line: 2013–2015

The project aims to exchange experience and inspiration for basic skills education and compensating special needs education, with and without the use of ICT, and illuminate specific pedagogical methods and ICT solutions.

GameWise – game based learning and pedagogy
Coordinator: Viden Djurs (Denmark). Partners from UK, Netherlands, Denmark, Spain and Norway.
FuN contact: Ebba Køber
Project time line: 2012–2015

The project is about implementing, and further developing, project based learning through the use of games and play to improve education and achieve soft and hard skills. Read more about it here.
FuN’s role is to evaluate and communicate the results of the projects.

Read the GameWise magazine

Nordplus Adult
Coordinator: FuN (Norway). Partners from Iceland, Denmark, Finland, Faroe islands and Norway.
FuN contact: Torhild Slåtto
Project time line: 2013–2015

The objective of the project is to identify and develop best practice of adult education and learning in relation to meeting the ICT challenges of a modern citizenship.