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Field trip to Scotland

Together with our sister organization in Denmark, FLUID, we arrange a field trip to Scotland on the 23rd -26th of September. We will travel from Glasgow to Edinburgh, Perth and Inverness to see how the Scots manage to deliver first class education across highlands and islands.
The price is NOK 7000, which covers hotels and the activities described in the program, including travel and food). Plane tickets to and from Scotland and dinner the evening of the 23rd is additional.
For more information in Norwegian; see https://fleksibelutdanning.no/wp-content/uploads/2013/09/skottland_studietur.pdf,
For having your questions answered in English; send a mail to post@fleksibelutdanning.no
This trip is suitable for English speaking persons, and there are still some seats left, so act fast! Send us an email today.